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Justin Venn| PART 2|The plot for truth

A Search for truth! Join us in the second part of Justin Venn’s Life story.  See the first inspiring podcast episode HERE Feel like you are on a search for truth, for something deeper in your life. Perhaps a better connection with self, or even a closer connection to God, a God, any God… but…

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Inspirational Interview | Wiegert van Dijk | Life Story

This conversation is all about happiness. Keeping life small and simple. Wiegert works in the publishing world. His father passed away when he was eighteen years old, his mother passed away just before his kids where born, and one of his daughters was born with an open spine (Spina Bifida) and had to be operated…

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Inspirational Interview | Sarah Van De Poppe | Life Story

Sarah was born in Iraq, and in her early teens, she fled with her mom, her dad and two siblings, across the mountains and lands of Iraq. Through to Russia, and eventually they arrived in The Netherlands. Sarah had to quickly integrate, learn the language, study hard, and find her place in The Netherlands. Now…

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