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This conversation oozes openness, pride, love for family and friends, a strong sense of connection and control, and a major amount of zest for life!Meet Paul Gardiner, CEO of Mantis, a luxury group of hotels and eco-lodges and waterways. Son to the owner and founder, Adrian Gardiner. Paul, the conservationist, globe trotter, international / eco…

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Inspirational Interview|Sophia Truscott|Life Story

Corona Virus…Corvid-19…Quarantine…Lockdown and HOMESCHOOL! These are the buzzwords these last weeks! This conversation will nurture and support every single parent (mother and father collectively) and child!Sophia is a dedicated Homeschool mother and Educator. She has dedicated her life to creating a beautiful “learning rich” environment within the home, and a wholesome loving home.She places all…

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