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Evelien is this little power house of wisdom and positive energy. Evelien shares her life story with us. She practices Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy and Acupuncture on her patients. The book which she is about to publish “Zoals een boom” (Just Like A Tree), has come from the many a consultation with her patients, where a…

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Inspirational Interview | Sebastiaan Bremer |Life Story

Sebastiaan Bremer is a self made and taught artist! Born in The Netherlands, he is from Amsterdam. As a young boy he worked in comic book stores, and it was there, that his love for drawings and the art world started to emerge. This is a story about a man who wanted to leave his…

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Inspirational Interview|Marleen Basart|Life Story

Marleen Basart, founder of the successful Amsterdam food company, Bites we Love, is an entrepreneur and a mom and a life partner. She is one big fabulous blended smoothie of all these delicious gifts in life. She has a deep love for food. She plans her whole life around food in fact, and well…what do…

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Jen’s Personal Notes|Corona Virus|Whats my story|How do you discover your calling?

Jen Rodd, the host shares how you can find your calling in life! She talks about the philosophy she lives by, to discover what you really love in life. Need a change of career? Find your calling? discover your truth? I share with you how to go about testing the waters, so that you arrive…

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