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Meet Jasmine Bongaerts, a mom, a mover and a shaker and a super persisent determined woman!Jasmine knew she wanted to have her own company and she went out and started one! Of course her life story does not just start and stop there. Learn how Jasmine found her calling for this time of her life….

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This interview is all about an ambitious high flying woman, Mildred Hofkes. She was born in The Netherlands, and grew up with a close-nit family, and a doting grandfather. Mildred creates her career and world around a set of skills which her beloved grandfather once pointed out to her, would steer her in a true…

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Inspirational Interview|Pieter Enkelaar|Life Story

Join personal leadership and development coach, Pieter and I, in conversation about life, psychedelics, coaching, and the belief that all human beings are apart of the same, big ocean. Meaning, we are all one, and we are all connected. Pieter shares his life journey with us, from childhood till now. He shares how having a…

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Inspirational Interview | Jorinde Kuiper | Life Story

Professional singer, dancer, performer and artist – on the verge of a new phase in life. What’s it going to take jo to get where and who she wants to be? Jorinde Kuiper is a mom of three, a teenage daughter and two younger children. She stopped working after her two younger children were born…

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