An award winning Portuguese videographer living in Amsterdam. Meet “Joao M B Costa” Recognised by his confident beard and tattoos. Always to be found somewhere near a stage, in front of a musician or a band, and always behind a camera! Listen to this humble quiet natured down to earth man’s life story! Collaborations and…

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Inspirational Interview | Orbe Yorgenis | Life Story

This is a story about a man who follows his heart. But its not just plain sailing. We learn about the love a man has for his music and how he has always stayed close to this truth while living and growing up in Cuba. Now he lives in the Netherlands, in a foreign country,…

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Inspirational Interviews | Bjorn van Beek | Life Story

Bjorn started his furniture import business when he was 24 years old.  He imports Authentic Vintage Furniture from India and now he combines all his passions; authenticity, vintage furniture, travel, interior design, and photography. In this Podcast Interview, we find out how a young man of 24 years of age, got to making the steps…

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Inspirational Interviews | Stella Bruggen Life Story

Stella is a mermaid, blogger, singer, performing artist, “subtitler”, translator and producer. She studied language, culture, and dance; recently married in Tuscany, and has gone back to “the books” and now studies classical music. Stella says, she’d far rather create a life doing EVERYTHING she loves than doing – just ONE thing – as society…

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Inspirational Interviews | Wendy Buiter | Life Story

Wendy is an artist based in Rotterdam. What a powerhouse – sets her heart and mind on something and goes for it!! Wendy was running her own cosmetics house, and at a certain moment realised she was sitting more behind a computer managing the company, and not actually being creative anymore. So she decided to sell…

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