interviewers in the netherlands


Evelien is this little power house of wisdom and positive energy. Evelien shares her life story with us. She practices Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy and Acupuncture on her patients. The book which she is about to publish “Zoals een boom” (Just Like A Tree), has come from the many a consultation with her patients, where a…

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Inspirational Interview | Wiegert van Dijk | Life Story

This conversation is all about happiness. Keeping life small and simple. Wiegert works in the publishing world. His father passed away when he was eighteen years old, his mother passed away just before his kids where born, and one of his daughters was born with an open spine (Spina Bifida) and had to be operated…

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Inspirational Interview | Axel van Kesteren | Life Story

A few weeks back, I went into Axel’s gorgeous coffee bar in Haarlem in The Netherlands, called “Ax Specialty Coffee”. I knew that this person was so connected to their craft. The energy in his tiny coffee bar was calming, filled with love, passionate, real, authentic. The coffee was just perfect!. I knew I had…

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Inspirational Interview | Rikard Andersson | Life Story

Lawyer decides to make his food dream a reality, starting two restaurants..we find out where things went right and were they didn’t go so right… Is it the easy life – the predictable day job, guaranteed stability that makes us grow, ultimately be happy?.. What do human beings need to truly live a fulfilling life? …

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