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Justin Venn| PART 2|The plot for truth

A Search for truth! Join us in the second part of Justin Venn’s Life story.  See the first inspiring podcast episode HERE Feel like you are on a search for truth, for something deeper in your life. Perhaps a better connection with self, or even a closer connection to God, a God, any God… but…

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Dwayne Fields is an Explorer, Adventurer, TV Presenter, and a Naturalist. He is a self made hero! He faced the worst of its kind-being rejected by both parents his entire life. When he stepped away from the bad energy in his life, and moved out of his comfort zone.  This is where his wonderful story…

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LEEN ZEVENBERGEN | Following your passion | Do what we love | Business for good | B Corp

Leen Zevenbergen is a serial entrepreneur. He believes in following your passion. Working hard, is not hard work when you do what you love.  Most importantly, do business for good, for the betterment of our community and making the world a beautiful place. Leen Zevenbergen is the co-founder of the European B Lab.  Leen is…

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OLIVER SINCLAIR | MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS -being truthful and living a full life

Oliver Sinclair has Multiple Sclerosis. Living with MS does not define who is he is and what kind if life he lives! This is a conversation about triumph, facing denial, love, passion, truth and adaptation! We don’t always have control over what happens to us, but we have control over how we deal with it….

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