When you start off again, or change careers later down the line, so that you can do what you love, it will involve sacrifice! There are no two ways about it and no getting around it either.
Firstly, you will probably take a salary cut, a change of lifestyle, kids might have to go to a different schools, you might have to move into a smaller apartment or house. Because of this, you most likely won’t be going on those glam holidays that everyone else is going on…for now. I repeat for now, to begin with!
However, you will have no regrets if you follow your heart! You will be proud of yourself if you follow your heart, you will want everyone around you to be happy and to be succeeding as well. You won’t be comparing your life to others all the time.
You will have peace in your heart in those random moments when you’re alone. Life will have meaning. You will feel you have a purpose here on earth. Life will make sense. I’m here to trigger ideas, thoughts and inspirations in the hope to push you over the edge!! This podcast episode is from me to you. It is about Sacrifice and compromise and doing what you love.
It’s light, easy to listen to. Please enjoy and share on with friends!
Feel welcome to leave comments, would love to hear from you! See you on the flip side!

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