This is a story about a man who discovered a dream by following a feeling, and letting his parents in on his life’s work.
Ozzy Yerlikaya is from Turkey, and now lives in Cape Town.
He started off his career as a professional diver. He guided travellers in the depths of the most beautiful locations in the world. At a moment this didn’t feel right anymore,  he took another step.
Ozzy then started working as a travel agent in South Africa, connecting the Turkish market to South African. Feeling disillusioned about the nature of the hop on hop off travel itineraries. Ozzy took another step…and here we are today at Travel Designer!
Learn and be inspired, by how Ozzy, through a process of self discovery, and staying true to himself, created the beautiful, authentic, and connected life, which he lives today!
Stories mirror lives… find out how Ozzy’s story can help you see your own world through a different lens.

Find Ozzy – The Travel Designer/Urban Safari Specialist: TRAVEL DESIGNER
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Photo Credit Naude Heunis @naude_heunis

Foto Credit Austen Johnston @austenjohnston


  1. Jen Rodd says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful Life journey with us Ozzy!

    Feel free to comment Brave Hearts… the more the merrier

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