OLIVER SINCLAIR | MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS -being truthful and living a full life

Oliver Sinclair has Multiple Sclerosis. Living with MS does not define who is he is and what kind if life he lives! This is a conversation about triumph, facing denial, love, passion, truth and adaptation!
We don’t always have control over what happens to us, but we have control over how we deal with it.

Be inspired by Oliver’s life story. Oliver had a dream to work in the African bush, and this is how he started off his career, as the head game ranger for a renouwned South African bush lodge.  However,  it’s not how he pursued his career. When he developed MS he had to leave his dream life working as a head game ranger and start afresh.

Let’s discover how we as humans can adapt and choose to make an uncontrollable situation worth living for,  and loving.


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