MARC BENNETT | 2X EMMY ADVENTURE CAMERAMAN – “You can be whatever you want to be”

Marc Bennett is an Adventure Cameraman, Cinematographer and Director of photography.
He is inspiring, and a breath of fresh air.
From breaking into his school, and then working in bars…receiving rejection letter after letter, we find out how he finally secured his first job in the filming industry.
We are truly inspired by his open hearted, informative and fun life story.

Fast forward till today, Marc has won two Emmys, and nominated for many more. He has filmed in around 30 seasons of Survivor.
He films on projects such as, Live PD, one of the most popular live streamed programs in The United States. Further, He films for The Amazing Race, American Tarzan, Expedition Impossible, Out of the Wild: The Alaska experiment….of course Survivor all over the world, and this is just to mention a few!

Marc simply does what he loves. He gets outdoors, down and dirty, in the freezing cold, or somewhere wild, and challenges his mind, body and soul.
His love is to capture “a story”  for the benefit of what he calls ” others people’s comfort zones.”  This wont make any sense now, but it will when you listen to his story:)

Bravehearts!! This was a wonderful conversation, I can’t wait to share it with you!  Get out of your heads, free your mind, let Marc’s life story mirror your own life. Allow it to help you get calm, and connect with your truth!

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