Kim Wolhuter is a wildlife filmmaker and Producer.  He is the grandson to the late, and famous, Harry Wolhuter. The First Game Ranger in the the Kruger National Park, and author of  a world knows Autobiography, “Memories of a Game Ranger”.
Since the early start in Kim’s career, he has been traveling Africa, capturing what we see on the various wildlife documentaries, and television wildlife series. 
It is fascinating hearing his many tales.
Kim talks about the ominous and harsh ghost towns of the Namibian desert, which he lived in earlier on in his career, while filming the brown hyena. 
Kim takes our imagination through his whole timeline. He largely also shares his love and work in the more recent months, working, up, close, personal and barefoot, with the hyena of the Zimbabwean bushveld. 

What we learn in this conversation is, that firstly, it is very close to Kim’s heart to bring loving attention to the Hyena. Showing them off, for what they truly are. Indeed, not the scavenger and the underdog of the African bush,  that they are always made out to be.
Secondly, it is of utmost importance to Kim, to protect our natural habitat and species.  Kim knows, like many other educated people, that human beings need nature to survive.  
We are apart of nature, and if we do not protect our natural habitat, and it’s wild species, nature will continue to exist, but it is the human being, which will eventually implode. 

Use Kim’s fun, colourful and adventurous life story, to help you look into your own life story! To take you out of your head. I’ts just a super cool real and certainly raw life story 😉 Enjoy!

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  1. Shirley and Richard Rodd says:

    What a lovely interview all about the hyenas

    1. Jen Rodd says:

      Thanks mom and dad lovely that you listened, love you

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