You have to go through the process of “becoming”, to then become what you ultimately want to be

Meet Kate Brooks, a Photojournalist, Film Director, Conservationist, and a super cool woman in general!
Kate’s professional journey started literally with her bum in the frying pan! With her camera, this brave lady went straight into an orphanage in Russia, known as a death house – and made bad things, turn to good!Fast forward, Kate has since been working in the line of fire in the Middle East, capturing history with her photographic work. After many years, burnt out and in much need of a rest…. we get to her more recent soul project, The last Animals Film and The Last Animals Foundation. A film she created and directed in Africa, and a self founded Foundation to support animals in need! This time bringing attention to another war – the poaching of our precious species!!
For the how, the why and the rest of this courageous life story-tune in to Kate’s Episode! .. I cant wait to share this open hearted, fun and brave story with you!


Confused about your own story: NEED A MIRROR


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