A man’s search for purpose and meaning. Justin Venn is an Iconographic Artist, and an Orthodox Priest. His journey till today has traveled mountains, and across the seas.  He has seen much darkness and a lot of light.  His search for meaning has experienced a life lived in Spanish caves.  He has become a living resident in a famous Parisian Book shop. Where he literally slept between books, sleeping and dreaming from genre to genre.

This is a truly beautiful story of how a man chose to travel his own path from the day he finished school. Each step, some horrific and scary, some romantic and crazy has led Justin to a place of solidarity and ownership.
Firstly, this courageous and independent adventure through life teaches us how it can give such a deep sense of purpose and integrity with self.
Secondly it shows when you travel a road led by inner truth;  you will go through darkness, but you will always find the light.

Be swept away by a beautiful human life story, filled with laughter, romance, suspense and so much fun!

Join Justin and I in a THREE PART EPISODE of his life story, which perhaps you too will fall in love with.



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