Jen’s Personal Notes | a glitch in the road

Inspiration to keep going and never give up.  This conversation is a simple monologue for you, my listener.  I recently encountered a little issue which costed me ten hours of work, and long story short, no interview to present.  There were so many times I could have given up on this journey, and this time was one of them.
We have become so reliant on technology in this day and age, and when it does not work, in short, we have a problem and a reason to say, I’m out.  I believe what keeps me going and finding another way, and new solutions is only because I am doing what I love.
Listen in, and perhaps get a little inspiration from my own week.
Say hi below guys , and tell me about the glitches you have had,  and how you overcome them.  I’d love to know!

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  1. Debbie Ivins says:

    Jen, I am gutted for your glitch! That would have made me cry buckets too! It takes a lot of strength to show up again, and start again, and thinking of you lots as you rally yourself together, to edit. Again. Thank you for sharing this. My glitch … after we chatted “Living Joy” on Wednesday … that night, at midnight, I woke suddenly in pain and almost didn’t make it to the bathroom! So began 6 hours of feeling like I was dying as my stomach just poured and being alone, I just felt so scared. Not sure what caused it and yesterday dragged myself to the doctor, weak and depleted. Think my ulcer was just having a moment and something set it off. Anyway, finally it has stopped but just when you feel maybe you are coming right, I now get knocked back again and they feel my recovery might take longer. Anyway. So that was my glitch but like you, not giving up and grateful to be sitting on the couch now and not the loo! Thank again for our chat and it is just so awesome to have met you.

    1. Jen Rodd says:

      Debbie.. wow so intense my lady. From our chat and again now, it sounds like you have a compassionate doctor. As I said in this episode, we all need each other, and in this case having someone you can consult with with and trust is extremely important in feeling safe and giving strength. You’re a Braveheart.. sending you lots of energy and love ❤️

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