Jen’s Personal Notes | unscripted conversation for YOU, triggering truthful connection with SELF

Hi my beautiful listeners. So here’s the deal. If you are connecting with your truth, click pass. But if you are not and you hate your day job, and you know there is something out there for you, this is a little conversation to simply trigger some thoughts. My recordings are unscripted, so – as the interviews this is raw, not researched and simply a real life, story and perspective in real time. I recorded this straight after interviewing Ryan Stramrood, an amazing, and courageous open water swimmer from South Africa. His interview will go live in the weeks to come. In the mean time please enjoy the ramblings from me to you, because I feel so passionately that everyone should connect with their truth in life. So …for you… with love from Jen. 

If you have any personal challenges or questions for this post, hit the comments below. I’m all yours.
(refining two facts, the Ambient-Temperature in the air was minus 33Degrees, and the water was 0.3C, and Ryan has to date swam the Robben Island crossing 109 times)

The question is, how would you like to connect with your truth?

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