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If someone asked you the right questions and mirrored your story, perhaps you will find, that the answers are all in the story.

Jen Rodd is an NLP Master trained and practiced career coach.

For over 12 years, and before Jen moved into television, media, radio/live talk show hosting, and more recently the Podcasting world, Jen specialised in helping people find the most suitably aligned job.

She started and owned an International award winning Recruitment business in London; and because of this, she had in essence built her own vehicle to fulfil one of her highest passions-Inspiring people to connect with their truth, by choosing the right job that aligned with their heart and soul’s desires.  

Most importantly, Jen does not act as a standard conventional coach. Sessions are stand alone, up to two hours long, whereby she has merged her art and craft of interviewing, with her talent and intuition for coaching. Being a professional interviewer, she helps people by empowering them, to Inter-View within themselves.

Either face to face, out of her studio in Haarlem, in The Netherlands, OR via Phone/FaceTime/Zoom etc, a session can be scheduled. 
Through her raw and non conventional questioning style, she will steer and trigger, the conversation.

Jen Acts as a mirror to all her clients.  She has an undeniable open, non judgmental, compassionate and honest questioning style. Whereby, guests on the show or clients are brought to relax, and feel their most comfortable. This empowers trust and openness.

Send an email to start working with Jen, and or to request a pricing breakdown. 

Jen’s favourite question in life…” so… what do you do?” Can you guess what question comes next ? 😉

Jen Rodd: Certified Master NLP Practitioner [Emotional Intelligence, Career, Life and Motivational Coach] 


Stories change lives. They mirror, take you out of your head, bring peace, clarity and inspiration and make us feel ONE! What's YOUR life story? Once a week, receive a complimentary cool life story, with ease, directly into your mailbox!