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Corona Virus…Corvid-19…Quarantine…Lockdown and HOMESCHOOL! These are the buzzwords these last weeks! This conversation will nurture and support every single parent (mother and father collectively) and child!
Sophia is a dedicated Homeschool mother and Educator. She has dedicated her life to creating a
beautiful “learning rich” environment within the home, and a wholesome loving home.
She places all her emphasis on habits and skills, these being the most important elements, before a curriculum even, for raising children of the world. In her words; “let a child be a child because they are a child” >

Children by nature have the instinct to want to learn…. the question is, how do you create an environment to encourage a natural instinct?
How does Sophia create such a beautiful home, a learning rich environment, what can we learn from her? How can we nurture our children, our relationship, ourselves and our homes, during this uneasy time, so that we actually come out on the other side, of this universal transition, BETTER, than what we (and as a family) were like, before this virus broke out!

Sophia has always inspired me as a mother and I really wanted to share her wisdom with all of you at this time. Because now is when family, OUR CHILDREN, THE ENERGY IN OUR HOMES is of utmost importance. It always is, but of course, for most human beings, it takes a jolly good wake up call to get peoples attention.

This conversation is filled with tips, tips and more tips and philosophies, that you can take on board with you right now!
Find our first conversation four years ago on the YouTube Channel

You can find Sophias Instagram here:

1 comment on “Inspirational Interview|Sophia Truscott|Life Story

  1. Teresa says:

    Wow what an interview. Definitely inspiring! Sitting around the dinner table will take on a whole new meaning from today…. just love it.
    This interview has highlighted to me again how important it is we equip our children wirh life skills, even the basics, we as adults take for granted. Its the little things that are just as important.
    Thanks Ladies for this truly inspiring conversation. I will be the first to buy your book.?

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