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Sebastiaan Bremer is a self made and taught artist! Born in The Netherlands, he is from Amsterdam.
As a young boy he worked in comic book stores, and it was there, that his love for drawings and the art world started to emerge.

This is a story about a man who wanted to leave his home city and become an artist, and he did.
Studying was never appealing to him, and he chose to go down the self educating route! After establishing the genre that spoke to him, things started to fall into place. Sebastiaan takes photo images or photo paper, and he adapts them with his imprints and signature style!

In this inspiring interview we talk about life, love for the craft, how to develop concepts, the philosophy behind some of his work in relation to the times we currently live in, and of course…we talk about life in a time of Corona chaos! Sebastiaan provides meaningful insight, for all of us to be inspired by!

This is a super cool easy personable conversation with a successful artist who currently exhibits across the world in three galleries, Amsterdam’s – Ron Mandos Gallery, New York’s -Edwynn Houk Gallery and London’s Hales Gallery .

Watch our first face to face interview in his childhood Amsterdam home HERE
You can check out Sebastiaan’s website out here:




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