Inspirational Interview|Pieter Enkelaar|Life Story

Join personal leadership and development coach, Pieter and I, in conversation about life, psychedelics, coaching, and the belief that all human beings are apart of the same, big ocean. Meaning, we are all one, and we are all connected.

Pieter shares his life journey with us, from childhood till now. He shares how having a bipolar mother opened his world to the power of the mind.

In his early adult years, he and a friend, explored life, through the mind, body, and soul shifting dimensions of psychedelics.
These experiences deepened Pieter’s understanding of his existence.
Pieter talks openly about this and he also shares that these quick highs are not the answer to a happy life-enlightening as they may be.

Pieter shares what he believes is the answer to happiness and he passes on tips and ideas as to how you can apply this to your own life.

He is inspired to live a journey, inspiring others to connect with the universal “one” and ultimately creating a conscious connection between human beings.

We explore coaching philosophies and draw on one metaphor to strengthen and nurture the listeners understanding.
Come join us in this mind opening and inspiring life conversation.

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  1. Shirley Rodd says:

    Stunning ‘Inspirational Interviews’website – content exuding positive energy

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