Inspirational Interview|Marleen Basart|Life Story

Marleen Basart, founder of the successful Amsterdam food company, Bites we Love, is an entrepreneur and a mom and a life partner. She is one big fabulous blended smoothie of all these delicious gifts in life.

She has a deep love for food. She plans her whole life around food in fact, and well…what do you do when you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for food, and a partner who is also a chef? You start your own food business.

This conversation is very open, informative, light and inspiring.
Marleen shares her life story with us. She shares how she is doing all of the above in a time of a global outbreak with the Corona Virus.

Marleen talks about motherhood, the challenges she faces, how she is trying to establish a balance in life, be kinder to herself, and readjusting the business to changes in the market. Finally, she shares her perspective and tips on how to deal with life, family and business during this time of change.


started her business around five years ago.

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