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Jade, was born an artist.  From three years old, she was identified as a someone with a special artistic ability. At around age ten, Jade won an art competition, and sold her first painting.   She grew up in the countryside of the Netherlands, close to a beautiful and creative, seaside town, called Bergen.
In conversation, Jade reflects on a memory, she talks about sitting around big camp fires in the garden with her younger brother, parents, and their friends, and her two pet geese always close bye her side.  

This story could suggests that life must have been easy for Jade progressing forward with her art and fashion career.  To the contrary, like all of us,  she too had to find her way, face disappointment and keep going forward when it was difficult.  Jade had to discover, through disappointment and success,  which creative outlet would become her stability and base. She talks about not fitting in at art school, being teased and bullied at fashion school.  Jade was running her own fashion business, and started her own label “Statement made by Jade”.  This became an award winning fashion line, but after an incident of “not quite participating in the expected way”, Jade’s fashion line was cut off from the necessary means, and she decided to close her business down. 

Through her talents, Jade is able to express herself, and makes her dreams come true. In her up and coming exhibition, ” We’re all human”, Jade showcases that we are all one, and there should be no segregation. What Jade hopes to get from this exhibition, is for people from different backgrounds, race, colour…to be able stand together, and find a common ground. You can find Jades work at

2 comments on “Inspirational Interview|Jade van der Mark|Life Story

  1. Kenneth Aikinson says:

    Waoow what a inspiration Jade everything about u is True u really made me who I am today the hope and advice u give doing ur service at Tommy Hilfiger and push u give to me that I can make my dreams come true without giving up on myself ,
    Ur inspiration has make my life better and Rich mindset .that there’s light behind the Tunnel .God bless u Jade thanks for making my life Better.

    1. Jen Rodd says:

      Hey Kenneth, it was really nice to read your comment here. thanks for listening to Jades amazing story!
      rgs Jen

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