This story is about a man who lived the perfect life. The perfect job, the house, girlfriend, home, and a proud mama! Everything was going well. He realised at a certain moment is this it though, because its perfect now, but what if there is more. What if I press the reset button?
Hear Dutch born and bred Thijs van Bokkem’s story of how he left everything behind and pressed the reset button and changed his whole life.
Thijs and I talk a lot about values and dreams and how important it is to understand them, visualise them, and hold onto whats important and also put into perspective the things you can’t change.
Super inspiring story about a man living out his dream. Listen to how he, his life partner and child are building a life on the Azores Island of Portugal, creating an Eco camping and tourism business. This all started with a vision, a conversation …and a first step.
So many wisdoms and tips to be learned.
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  1. Thijs says:

    Dear Jen,
    Thank you for this wonderful conversation. It did me really well to speak about where I come from and where this has led me and also gave me a glimpse of the future. It is so important and so much fun to look back at times and shine a light on things we have done. And on how blessed we are.
    Great to reconnect with you, next time I would like to hear where you have been up to this last half decade 😉
    Hug, Thijs

    1. Jen Rodd says:

      Hey Thijs!!! What a lovely comment, thank you for sharing your feedback with me!!
      We will connect next time you are back in the Netherlands!! Let us be one of your first phone calls!! speak soon, and thank you again for sharing your amazing story with us!!
      lots love

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