Tamara Hanley recently wrote and published a book called “Within Me, every Childs secret to living an awesome life”.
Tamara is the  Founding Director of Tribe Within, a self help platform, for adults alike to live an awesome life and be their best selves!
In this conversation we explore the principals from her book. The three characters which she has created as tools to empower younger children to get a grip on emotionally challenging situations!
Tamara was working at a Tony Robbins seminar, and came up with the idea of helping young kids. This combined with her daughter being bullied at school, and we arrive at her book and self development tools for the younger generation! Super cool conversation about a woman who didn’t wait until she got her Masters qualification in something before she thought she was good enough to offer her services to the world!
Join me in finding out about Tamara’s life. Distract yourself from your own thoughts and lean into her wisdoms with me.

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