International globe trotter, Award Winning Artist (Print, Films & Animation, Media, Stained glass, Sculptures )

When you’re at school, some people stick out so much, because they are just so brilliant at something – well, in Ree Treweek’s case it was art.
She was know to be one of the best artists who attended our school!
How is it that some people succeed and others don’t, even though they are equally good at the same craft? This amazing conversation will teach you exactly why.

Listen to Ree’s beautiful, natural, down to earth and open hearted life story!
It was truly an honour to be able to bring this story to you guys! Enjoy and learn from the wisdom of someone is not only doing what she loves, but making the whole world love what she does and being internationally recognised for it. rightly so – so super proud!!
Check out her amazing list of accolades and awards here:

Ree is based in Cape Town collaborating with companies all over the world, she lives in Bali for up to four months of the year, and when she is neither working on high end commissions or travelling; she is making friends with the lizards and bugs on Cape Point’s wild and elegant terrains. Meanwhile in her head she is creating a whole fantasy world for her next personal love project.
Just love this ladies work!!


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