This conversation oozes openness, pride, love for family and friends, a strong sense of connection and control, and a major amount of zest for life!
Meet Paul Gardiner, CEO of Mantis, a luxury group of hotels and eco-lodges and waterways. Son to the owner and founder, Adrian Gardiner.
Paul, the conservationist, globe trotter, international / eco innovator, shares his life story with us in the most humble and down to earth way!
Paul is part of an organisation so many people would just love to be apart of; wild life conservation, international boutique lodging, travel, innovation, the big five, and a continuous bubbling of new ideas, partnerships and ventures.

Hear about Paul’s business and training operation with with Bear Grylls, a fun telephone call from one of the Spice Girls, disvover what his dreams are, and appreciate even the most relatable story where he shares the experiences of his academic challenges at school.

Please join us in conversation, share this interview with a friend, family member or colleague, and don’t be shy to reach out to either of us should an idea present itself.

The interview was made possibly by an introduction from John Winternitz. Who inspires you? Do you know someone who you think is inspiring? Please share their information with me! Stories change lives. Thanks Johnny!

Want to contact Paul? You can reach Paul here: / /

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