Margot Raggett, a conservationist and wildlife photographer known for, “The Remembering Wildlife Series” shares her life story with me.

Wonderful journey about change and finding more truth and meaning in life.

This Podcast conversation has twists and turns. Find out the steps Margot took to go from working in Public Relations, an industry, geared toward consumerism, driven by materialistic goals. This industry, also known as a fickle industry pushing the wrong ideas onto a fragile world.

In this life story, you can also learn, about the power of expanding your hobby interests. Secondly, if you are open for it, life’s coincidental events can play a major role in a miraculous life switch. Thirdly, that a career change can often work at its best, if you carry all of your skills from the past, forward!

Margot’s conservation and awareness efforts, have led her to now, the release of five international book phenomenons of the The Remembering Wild Life Series; Remembering Cheetahs, Remembering Rhinos, Remembering Elephants, Remembering Great Apes, Remembering Lions; which have all been endorsed, by celebrity after celebrity, had an audience with one of our worlds greatest conservationists, Dr. Jane Goodall, and inspired also by Sir. David Attenborough

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