At six years old he dreamt of living abroad. Doing what…it didn’t matter. His dream was to travel the world, and live in another country. Did it come true, of course it did!

Meet Kuniyoshi Ohtawara. He grew up in Tokyo, and while growing up, he watched in admiration, his close companion and cousin, who is a professional dancer, travel the world for her dancing.

This inspired him to want to also get out of Tokyo and explore the world

This story is not about traveling abroad per se, it’s about how dreams come true.

Why is this such an inspiring story?
Firstly, This story is about how our calling finds us. Secondly, when we listen to the voice inside us, and we act on it, it leads us to destinations we never imagine,
Thirdly, Kuni’s beautiful life story shows us that, the journey, teaches us skills which in the end become our life’s purpose.

Kuniyoshi is a well known sushi chef in his area. People travel far to enjoy a meal at Hokkai Kitchen, or to order from their international fish market. He and his restaurant team attract customers from all over The Netherlands to come to his Kitchen and to be entertained and wowed by the flavours. The Restaurant, Hokkai Kitchen happens to be located, well… in the middle of nowhere, a shipping yard, so as Kuni says in his introduction, he feels he needs to make it worth their while when they come out of their way to his Kitchen.

Come join us in this beautiful, calming, open, honest, and inspiring conversation.

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  1. Kuniyoshi Ohtawara says:

    Touching a your star!

    During the interview,
    She choose and picked up my single word positively .
    Finally she guided my life story beautiful!!!

    It was nice opportunity to realize and analyze myself.

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