An award winning Portuguese videographer living in Amsterdam. Meet “Joao M B Costa” Recognised by his confident beard and tattoos. Always to be found somewhere near a stage, in front of a musician or a band, and always behind a camera!

Listen to this humble quiet natured down to earth man’s life story! Collaborations and awards at film festivals, creating a local brand name in Amsterdam, and would you believe – once upon a time – he worked crazy hours in one of Portugal’s local posh fishing towns – Cascais – fish markets.

What brought him to The Netherlands, why leave one of Portugals well spoken about fishing towns? Why do people do anything in life…?

Join me in hearing this beautiful life story. Distract your mind from your own thoughts, this is where all the magic happens…right?
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Ps: the name of the award winning film is called: Sex, Drugs and Bicycles
Enjoy guys!

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