Meet Jasmine Bongaerts, a mom, a mover and a shaker and a super persisent determined woman!
Jasmine knew she wanted to have her own company and she went out and started one!

Of course her life story does not just start and stop there. Learn how Jasmine found her calling for this time of her life. In fact it’s an hilarious story, that actually made her realise that she HAS TO start an amazing kick ass eye wear business for children!! Often our brilliant ideas come from ridiculously awful situations..right?!

Find out how she started her career, moved and shaked with Jamie Oliver, to now, having the diversity and confidence to partner up with her super talented and creative friend, Marieke Kolleman, and start their own fun, funky, cool children’s eye-wear business together.. This conversation oozes determination, flow, fun and self belief. Want to start your own business? Listen and learn from the life story and the essence of Jasmine.

Human beings are all the same, and when we let go of our own thoughts and listen to someone else’s life story, we feel connected, inspired and innately we know that we too can do it!
It takes these amazing brave hearts to share their stories with all of us, so that we can learn and grow from their ideas, inspirations, mistakes and perspectives.
In this Inspirational Podcast Interview, Please join me in conversation with Dutch born, and Netherlands based Entrepreneur, Jasmine Bongaerts. Want to know more about her authentic eyewear business for children, called Junior and Junior – find Jasmine here:

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