Evelien is this little power house of wisdom and positive energy. Evelien shares her life story with us. She practices Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy and Acupuncture on her patients. The book which she is about to publish “Zoals een boom” (Just Like A Tree), has come from the many a consultation with her patients, where a methodology naturally came to the surface. Evelien shares all the wisdoms taken from within her, but which are of course in the book as well, and which she shares and heals her patients with.
This is a super inspiring story to translate into your own life because we address so many angles in the conversation. It’s fun, philosophical, a coaching session, a motivational talk, a self help booster, and a journey into a beautiful human beings life. Only Inspirational if you get the chance!
Come Join us, kick back relax, plug in and play, and enjoy this journey with us.
You can find Evelien here www.lienlien.org

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