Ellen Windemuth is the founder of well known film and documentary production, co-production and distribution company, called Off the Fence. It produces nonfiction films in the science, history, adventure, human stories, and the natural history genres.

Ellen always knew what she wanted out of her career, and she went for it.

Like any path in life, it’s never straightforward. We have to overcome obstacles, leave our current jobs, and a boardroom of wide eyed, short sighted men.
As such, Ellen left the ties of employment, and founded her own success.

Firstly she knew she wanted to produce documentaries in the Animal and Human stories genre.
Secondly Ellen appreciated and understood the power and impact a bigger team can have on a project. With this in her mind she jumped into the unknown and she started her own production company.   Today, her creative team have been recognised by more than 80 awards.

Ellen and her team are about to launch WaterBear Network, a lifelong dream of Ellen’s. WaterBear is a breakthrough in Documentary film production and viewing – “a global digital free access network, for people who care about our future on this planet.”

Every story has a message to the ear of the listener.
I believe that one of Ellen’s biggest messages, is for people to step into the unknown, and go for it.
This is exactly what Ellen did.  She pressed the curious button, and went for it.

Allow Ellen’s life story to mirror your own, and learn how you can overcome obstacles.
A successful woman, who teaches from doing, and not just saying.
Please enjoy!

Ellen Windemuth at Off the Fence
Ellen Windemuth at WaterBear Network 
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Mirroring your own story


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