This conversation with Ed Stafford is all about personal discovery. Road mapping the steps Ed has taken on his life journey, Join us for an Up, Close, and Personal venture into Ed’s mind and soul.

Ed has lived an exciting and adventerous life.

Ed decided to take a camera with him into the Amazon Jungle, and document his entire Guinness World Record breaking walk. This scanned the entire length of the Amazon Jungle and took over two years. Since then, Ed has been working in the television industry. Firstly as an Adventurer, a Survivor, Television Host, Presenter, and more recently also as a Podcast Host and content creator on social media.

Ed has had the pleasure and honour of sharing his life journey several times, but as he says in his words; ” I can hear you’re looking depth Jen”; This time, we venture into the unspoken territory of Ed’s mind, heart and soul.

We are all seeking connection, approval and meaning in life. This is a beautiful conversation with a man’s man, kind of man, it was real, empowering for those needing it, and as the show suggests, hugely Inspirational! ! I loved it!

Listen now, share on with friends and feel free to get in touch with either Ed, or myself below:

Reach Ed Here
go Check out Eds Podcast called: Dangerous Minds

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