Clarissa Ward | CNN Senior Chief International Correspondent | Mother of two | Author …it’s all about filling the tank on both sides

Clarissa Ward, a Mother and Journalist, and one of CNN’s Senior Chief International Correspondents. She is a multiple times Award Winner. She has just recently given birth to her second child and she is also a recent author, of a book called “On All Fronts” The Education of a Journalist.

Clarissa speaks about her life growing up and how this and motherhood has shaped her to become the journalist she is today. She shares her experience as a mom, and what needs to be in place so that she can be present on both ends of the spectrum -motherhood and work.

Clarissa does what she loves, capturing stories and sharing them with the world.
Join us in an in-depth and open conversation. let Clarissa’s life story be an inspiration and mirror into your own life journey.
Get out of your own head and be present, as we discover how Clarissa shaped her life till today.

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