Marjan lived the high life in Amsterdam, left it behind-changed her career completely, and moved to Bali to run a little farm and cafe. She was running an advertising agency, lived in the best suburbs, lived with the love of her life, had the dog, shopped the luxury brands, but something was not quite right.

Since moving to Bali, she has had to learn, to unlearn everything she knew, so that she could find the happiness within herself and not be influenced by what society wants us to believe is important for our happiness.

With her Advertising agency, Marjan was at the forefront of this negative persuasion and influence, of what she describes, as brain wash and the sale of just a whole bunch of “crap and a dream bubble”.

Because of this she wanted to leave her life behind, and find herself again. Marjan lives on a remote farm in Bali now. Located in an area that only a real traveller would find. It’s off the beaten track, and as you will hear from this conversation not quite in the best signal area either! For me my most technically challenging Podcast to date!

One of her greatest gifts she has given herself is the connection and reminder that we are all apart of nature!

Discover how Marjan has been uplifting her community, helping the local farmers and providing education opportunities for the children, now young adults, in her local village.

Marjan says” I would far rather have my office under a tree in the sun, than in a concrete jungle.”

Stunning conversation, where you can discover yourself through Marjan’s life story. In mid-conversation, I was half packing my bags and buying one way tickets to Bali;-)


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