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Inspirational Interview | Axel van Kesteren | Life Story

A few weeks back, I went into Axel’s gorgeous coffee bar in Haarlem in The Netherlands, called “Ax Specialty Coffee”. I knew that this person was so connected to their craft. The energy in his tiny coffee bar was calming, filled with love, passionate, real, authentic. The coffee was just perfect!. I knew I had…

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Inspirational Interview | Sarah Van De Poppe | Life Story

Sarah was born in Iraq, and in her early teens, she fled with her mom, her dad and two siblings, across the mountains and lands of Iraq. Through to Russia, and eventually they arrived in The Netherlands. Sarah had to quickly integrate, learn the language, study hard, and find her place in The Netherlands. Now…

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Inspirational Interview | Ray Gibson | Life Story

Inspirational Interview with Ray Gibson, is a singer, a song writer, an artist, and an Entrepreneur. The first company he co-founded became listed on the stock exchange. Ray is a devoted father and husband. In this interview you can learn how Ray discovered that he has a voice that is stage worthy. What do you…

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Inspirational Interview | Jorinde Kuiper | Life Story

Professional singer, dancer, performer and artist – on the verge of a new phase in life. What’s it going to take jo to get where and who she wants to be? Jorinde Kuiper is a mom of three, a teenage daughter and two younger children. She stopped working after her two younger children were born…

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Inspirational Interview |Roel Ebbinge Life Story

Ex-Marine now Photographer This is a beautiful story of self discovery, life exploration, connection with the world, community, self and the soul! Roel shares his journey as a marine, and how he became a photographer. In this conversation we explore the importance of goals and the reason behind the goal, what drives us?Roel shares his…

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Inspirational Interview | Esther van Diepen |Life Story

“That’s something I recommend to everyone, just to have time on your own because then the greatest ideas come up” Fast paced, full of energy, razor sharp in her vision-a power house for women. I had the pleasure to meet with entrepreneur, author, motivator and coach – Esther van Diepenof “Mom in Balance”. Mom in Balance…

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Inspirational Interview | Rikard Andersson | Life Story

Lawyer decides to make his food dream a reality, starting two restaurants..we find out where things went right and were they didn’t go so right… Is it the easy life – the predictable day job, guaranteed stability that makes us grow, ultimately be happy?.. What do human beings need to truly live a fulfilling life? …

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Inspirational Interview | Stanley van Heusden | Life Story

An inspiring life story is not about the details-it’s about the reasons we do things, the connection with self and the understanding of what is important in life. Hardships and challenges can (if we want) point us in the right direction! Stanley has this quiet natured courage, deep strength, and clarity of truth with self….

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Inspirational Interview | Orbe Yorgenis | Life Story

This is a story about a man who follows his heart. But its not just plain sailing. We learn about the love a man has for his music and how he has always stayed close to this truth while living and growing up in Cuba. Now he lives in the Netherlands, in a foreign country,…

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