MARC BENNETT | 2X EMMY ADVENTURE CAMERAMAN – “You can be whatever you want to be”

Marc Bennett is an Adventure Cameraman, Cinematographer and Director of photography. He is inspiring, and a breath of fresh air. From breaking into his school, and then working in bars…receiving rejection letter after letter, we find out how he finally secured his first job in the filming industry. We are truly inspired by his open…

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KATE BROOKS | PHOTOJOURNALIST | FILM DIRECTOR “You have to go through the process of becoming what you want to be”

You have to go through the process of “becoming”, to then become what you ultimately want to be Meet Kate Brooks, a Photojournalist, Film Director, Conservationist, and a super cool woman in general!Kate’s professional journey started literally with her bum in the frying pan! With her camera, this brave lady went straight into an orphanage…

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Margot Raggett, a conservationist and wildlife photographer known for, “The Remembering Wildlife Series” shares her life story with me. Wonderful journey about change and finding more truth and meaning in life. This Podcast conversation has twists and turns. Find out the steps Margot took to go from working in Public Relations, an industry, geared toward…

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