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Kim Cramer | Founder 23plusone – Scientific Branding Expert. How you can use a commercial mindset to help the world.

Meet Kim Cramer, a dedicated hard working human being, mother, scientific researcher, partner, daughter and friend. Kim wants to make the world a great place! Kim is using her scientific research background, and communication and psychology expertise, to touch and change people’s lives. She is the founding partner of a product called 23plusone and a…

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TRISH EKSTEEN | A Mother & Athlete who sets goals and never gives up

Trish Eksteen is a professional OCR athlete.  She has just achieved her goal, and broken a world record, in running one hundred half marathons, in one hundred days. Like many people who do something profound in life, there is a story which drives us, motivates us and inspires us to achieve our goals. Trish explains…

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Margot Raggett, a conservationist and wildlife photographer known for, “The Remembering Wildlife Series” shares her life story with me. Wonderful journey about change and finding more truth and meaning in life. This Podcast conversation has twists and turns. Find out the steps Margot took to go from working in Public Relations, an industry, geared toward…

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