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Other than her unique ability to ask the unasked questions, Netherlands based, Biographical Interviewer and Journalist, Jen Rodd creates an open and safe atmosphere,  which brings all of her guests to a place of peace and ease.  
This sets the stage for an open hearted and fun conversation, where the guest is able tell their story in the best possible light, and the guest and audience alike are left with a feeling of Inspiration and Connection.

Inspirational Interviews, Jen Rodd’s personal brand, is all about showcasing beautiful life stories, centred around a humans beings contribution to society. The major theme explored, includes; The Life Story of the person in question, and their Career decisions and steps to now.
The brand’s unique slogan: Raw, Not Researched, Real Life, Stories, is exactly as it suggests.

Through the ears of her audience, Jen guides each interview with the professionalism and the respect it deserves. But make no mistake, there will be twists and turns and unpredictable truths and authenticity!  Moreover, to really be able tell a life story within the parameters of limited time, there is a strong need for clarity and daring to ask the unasked.  The subject in question, and the audience alike will be tuned in, until the end, of each interview. 

Jen understands the art of keeping her guest and audience interested; while staying true to herself, staying close to her heart and intuition; she follows her own distinctive interviewing strategy. 

Most importantly, Jen Showcases absolute enthusiasm, care and respect for every life story she unravels. Taking into account the unique individual path each guest has travelled. 

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