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About Jen

Jeannette was born, raised and educated in South Africa.  She spent most of her youth outdoors, or on the sports fields, or in the country side and mountains.   With three older brothers, it was inevitable she would become a bit of a tomboy.   She grew up with reference to a line of successful entrepreneurs in her family; her parents as furniture manufacturers, and well known cooks. Her great grandmother and name sake, Jeanette C (Slade)Van Duyn, was an author, a pioneer in home science, public speaking and presenting to the world on all things related to cooking and home sciences. She had tea with the Queen of England, and now,  Jen owns and still uses the Strawberries and Cream gold plated porcelain dish which the Queen presented to to her great grandmother as a gift of thanks.
Jen spent her early adult and business development years in London.  Now settled with a family,  her home is in The Netherlands.
In the last 20 years of being an employee, starting and running several businesses;   in the background;   Jen has been refining and defining her place in the media industry.  Working as one of Amsterdam FM Radio Talk show hosts, hosting talk shows and presenting for one of the world’s most prominent Documentary film festivals – IDFA ; doing the same for the Rotterdam Film Festival. Making a name on the South African Television scene, where she secured an acting role on one of South Africa’s favorite Soap Series, Scandal!  She has been asked to host independent English speaking talk shows for organisations in Amsterdam, she started A Million Stories TV, where she ran an on line talk show and hosted live events with Q&A’s for the audience to get involved.  All these, and many other steps have led her to where she and her heart are now,  at this concept for Inspirational Interviews.  Here, her dream is to travel the world, and connect with people who are willing to open their hearts and tell us their wonderful stories.

“People, their stories, and the reasons behind and in front of the decisions they make, fascinates me! I lost a very special brother too soon, and the shock of his death and not hearing his voice anymore,  scrambled my thoughts about life, and our reasons for being here!  I stopped all of my ambitious career plans.  In the moment of his death I clearly understood the role love plays in a humans life.  Slowly and over time,  I had to come to terms with the fact, that it is indeed, absolutely important,  that we do what we love and simply do what ever brings us joy in our day.   My family and my friends are the glue under my feet,  which keep me grounded on this earth. The rest of life makes me very curious…and here we are…”