Inspirational Interviews is an Inspiring International Podcast Show. South African Podcaster, Jen Rodd interviews people about their career choices and life’s decisions.

Each Inspirational Podcast Interview is raw, not researched, a real life, story.

Jen believes everyone should try to do what they love in life. She invites guests onto the show, famous or not, all walks of life, colour, sex, race and religion – who she believes, is inspiring and living their truth.

As a Biographical Interviewer, and previous award winning recruitment business owner, Jen’s credentials and  genuine interest in peoples life stories shines out. Each interview embodies the wholesome quest into her guests life story. As the cheeky and daring youngest. Growing up with three older brother, nothing surprises her, and she loves a good laugh! As an intuitive and NLP Master Coach, Jen prefers conversations which are open hearted, exploratory, honest and raw.  She believes this gifts inspiring and motivating conversations, which have the capacity to mirror,  motivate and inspire the listener.” WHY LISTEN TO LONG LIFE STORIES?

“I believe that when you listen to peoples stories you get our of your own head. When you get out of your own head, you STOP THINKING AND FORGET YOURSELF. When you stop thinking about yourself, you feel calm and a sense of joy. When you are calm and feel joy, you feel more connected with yourself. When you are more connected with yourself, everything is clear. When you have a sense clarity you are able to MAKE BETTER DECISIONS, CREATE, MOVE, BE, DO.  When you are moving, creating and doing, you ultimately always shift in a direction of TRUTH AND LOVE.


“I believe that hearing peoples stories is the source for all lessons to be learned in life.
when we can identify parallels between our stories and other people’s stories, we feel together, not alone we feel more capable, inspired, one! This is why I’ve started the Podcast Show – Inspirational Interviews.

I learned from my mother a long time ago; “always give old people your time”. to hear them out, to hear their stories, and to listen to what they want to tell you about their day. I realized its not just old peoples stories that I want to listen to and give the time to, but everyone’s story. from my dad, I learned, to listen, to pay attention and to be alert, and to remember.
I am not interested in interviewing people because they are important (in society). I am interested in people who want to share, open up from the heart, give.

I think that by giving someone the space to tell their story thoroughly, creates a mirror effect, and they see patterns and habits through their lives. this becomes inspirational for creating change where patterns reveal themselves. or, otherwise indeed, not changing, what they see has worked in their lives; that perhaps the patterns of “madness”, even though they create an element of chaos, are in fact, what keeps them alive, excited, and interested in life. it’s so nice to experience these discoveries with people.

To share in their achievements and joy, and yes also to share in their sadness too.
stories are just so beautiful and the connection with the person sharing their story with me, makes me feel alive.”   

Stories change lives. They mirror, take you out of your head, bring peace, clarity and inspiration and make us feel ONE! What's YOUR life story? Once a week, receive a complimentary cool life story, with ease, directly into your mailbox!