Jen Rodd was born in South Africa. After school and studies she became interested in the careers industry, inspiring people to do what they love and helping people secure the job of their dreams.  Soon after moving to London she founded her own recruitment company.

It was always Jen’s ambition to work in media and television. She pursued acting and presenting along side her business. Quickly securing acting and presenting roles in television, radio, and show hosting for live Talk Shows, both in South Africa and in Amsterdam – The Netherlands.

Always staying true to herself, Jen completed a Masters NLP Training qualification and when she moved on from her recruitment business she started to coach and help people one-on-one, and in groups, along side her Show Hosting and Media work.

“People, their stories, and the reasons behind and in front of the decisions they make, fascinates me! I lost a very special brother too soon, and the shock of his death and not hearing his voice anymore,  scrambled my thoughts about life, and our reasons for being here!  At this time, I stopped all of my ambitious career plans.  In the moment of his death I clearly understood the role love plays in a humans life.  Slowly and over time,  it was reaffirmed, that it is indeed, absolutely important,  that we do what we love and simply do whatever brings us joy in our day.   My family and my friends are the glue under my feet,  which keep me grounded on this earth. The rest of life makes me very curious…and here we are …at Inspirational Interviews.  Finding out what makes people tick and encouraging others make their life tick as well!”

On the side, Jen is a serious food fundie, and she loves to paint on big canvass.

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