About Jen Rodd


Hi, I’m Jen Rodd,

Deep down, I’m still that small town girl from South Africa.  I spent most of my young adult life, in a private girls boarding school in Pietermaritzburg, I loved it!  Participated in every sport there was on offer. Playing competitive, national hockey, squash and athletics. (always striving and thriving for physical and mental challenge)

Meanwhile, back home, I would be running around town, kicking ass at marbles with all the neighbourhood kids, swinging from the trees branches with my brother’s, climbing mountains, swimming in the dams, getting up to mischief, and cracking up jokes with all my friends.

My mother edged me into modelling classes from a young age,  which gave me a sense and appreciation for all things girly. My Father taught me everything I needed to know about the bush, culling, tracking, survival, setting up camp in the middle of nowhere,  and most importantly how to change a car tire when no-one else is around!

Now, I guess you could say, I am a hearty blend of the rustic African sporty bush veld, and the arty-chic cosmopolitan city life.  I have been starting businesses since I was 24 years old, hosting and presenting live, radio and on line talk shows, acting on television, and creating motivational coaching workshops. I paint and cook in my spare time and love creating beautiful interior spaces in the home! I love people’s life stories, and I love connecting with other human beings on a soul-filled level.  Since I was at School, I have been creating platforms to show case achievements of others. This show is my life’s work, a dream brought into reality!

“People, their stories, and the reasons behind and in front of the decisions they make, fascinates me! I lost a very special brother too soon, and the shock of his death and not hearing his voice anymore,  scrambled my thoughts about life, and our reasons for being here!  I stopped all of my ambitious career plans.  In the moment of his death I clearly understood the role love plays in a humans life.  Slowly and over time,  I had to come to terms with the fact, that it is indeed, absolutely important,  that we do what we love and simply do whatever brings us joy in our day.   My family and my friends are the glue under my feet,  which keep me grounded on this earth. The rest of life makes me very curious…and here we are…”

Stories change lives. They mirror, take you out of your head, bring peace, clarity and inspiration and make us feel ONE! What's YOUR life story? Once a week, receive a complimentary cool life story, with ease, directly into your mailbox!