#65 Justin Venn | Finding Purpose & Meaning – Our love life affects everything

Finding Purpose and meaning in the bigger picture of our life, involves love and relationships and the dynamics each one brings!
We all want to be happy in life and find our purpose and do what matters. We can’t go through life’s journey without falling in love at least once. These love relationships all add up to who we become and where we end up, and what we want to become.
These love relationships mould us and shape our future.  Love affects everything. Our choices in our careers, the ability to persevere or even to give up.  The person we choose to eat with, sleep with, make love to, laugh with, travel with – this person will affect everything.

In this four part episode with Justin Venn, we hear about his life story from the moment he left school until today. Now he is a father of two children, a married man.  This is not how the story started.
Through his journey, Justin shares all his decision making processes in the bigger search to find truth, authenticity, love and meaning in life.

If you have just joined us here, I urge you to tune into the first three episodes below: To listen to Justin’s first Episode click here
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