Infertility, a fathers suicide, and how to cope with life.
Infertility is a wishing woman’s worst nightmare. Debbie and her husband tried to fall pregnant for years. They took all the options medicine offers, and money can buy. They desperately wanted this dream to come true. But it never did.
Until today, and over fifteen years later, Debbie now being in her forties, she has had to accept that childbirth is no longer on the cards.

To add insult to injury, Debbie’s depressed father committed suicide almost a year after he walked her down the aisle.

Join us in learning about the journey of a woman who really wanted to create her own family.

How did she go about it, and how does she overcome the heartache and the obstacle that was put on her path.

How did and does she deal with her fathers death?
Where does her husband fit into the story?
What courageous and daring challenges did Debbie set herself to distract her thoughts, change her mindset and gain a control and perspective of her life.

A beautiful raw real open hearted and also fun inspiring life story!

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Debbie thanks for joining me in the studio!

2 comments on #58 Debbie Ivins | Infertility, a fathers depression and suicide, coping with life

  1. Debbie Ivins says:

    Thank you for being a part of my journey and encouraging me to own my story.

    1. Jen Rodd says:

      Dear Debby it was an honor and a joy thank you 🙏🏻 for being brave to share your story x

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