This conversation is fun, real, hilarious and vulnerable.
Meet Debby Mulholland the founder of the biggest English speaking acting school in The Netherlands.
How does someone from a small town in New Zealand go out there and start the biggest English speaking acting school in Amsterdam, probably Europe?

How and why create a life with hundreds of people always around you, live in a gorgeous Amsterdam apartment, and then, leave everything behind – all the fun and the vibrancy, the community built?
Why would someone close the door behind them when everything is working?
Listen to this compelling and beautifully rich, real and raw, life story.

Listen between the lines, hear the joy, feel the sadness in the truth of what can not be ignored. Connect with the beauty in loves acceptance.

Life can not be ignored! Our loved one’s can not be forgotten. This is a journey of someones life, who did literally as the advice that she gives…. just going out there into the world and “giving it a go”.

beautiful…simply beautiful!
Deb’s acting school is called “Mulholland Academy” based in Amsterdam

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