Jen’s Personal Notes|Corona Virus|Whats my story|How do you discover your calling?

Jen Rodd, the host shares how you can find your calling in life! She talks about the philosophy she lives by, to discover what you really love in life.
Need a change of career? Find your calling? discover your truth? I share with you how to go about testing the waters, so that you arrive at the best calling in life…for you!

Normally I am the interviewer. Due to the Corona Virus, one week ago I had to cancel my whole podcast schedule for the month of March, beginning April. It was essential that I continue with my Podcast commitment and schedule. Currently I host an in studio podcast interview once a week, and release an episode once a week. In that moment I had to make a call, I interview everyone face to face in my studio, and it was uncertain how long the “quarantine” would be in place. To give myself some thinking space, I decided in that moment to speak one on one with all of you this week, and share a bit of my background information, and a little bit of my personally experienced philosophy in life, as to how I discovered my truth.

I hope this episode adds some value to your life. Send me a message if it does or if you have any questions.
The woman I mention in the episode is Nettie Stevens. She started to study to become a doctor when she was 35 years old, and discovered XY Chromosomes.


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