Inspirational Interview | Wiegert van Dijk | Life Story

This conversation is all about happiness. Keeping life small and simple. Wiegert works in the publishing world. His father passed away when he was eighteen years old, his mother passed away just before his kids where born, and one of his daughters was born with an open spine (Spina Bifida) and had to be operated when she was just 6 days old, not even knowing if she would make it. His wife experienced a burnout about a year later when their younger daughter did actually start to walk – a momentous first step they didn’t know she would ever take.

This is enough to send anyone down a the drain right? It baffles me how people who experience suffering, loss, and trauma are able to live a happy life? Or is it baffling? Perhaps not?
This conversation is for EVERYONE, who is in search of happiness! Wiegert, salt of the earth, shares his life story with me, tells us why he is one of the happiest men on the planet.
Hear this amazing life story. Learn from a genuine source of inspiration. Grow from a person who seeks no fame, no money, and no big house in France to make him happy. Find out what his philosophy is.

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