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A few weeks back, I went into Axel’s gorgeous coffee bar in Haarlem in The Netherlands, called “Ax Specialty Coffee”. I knew that this person was so connected to their craft. The energy in his tiny coffee bar was calming, filled with love, passionate, real, authentic. The coffee was just perfect!. I knew I had to get this person into the studio with me, and find out what their life story is.

How did Axel get to create this truly gorgeous little business for himself. When people are doing what they really love in life, you feel it. Everyone feels it. Love is an energy which everyone want to be apart of.
I wanted to be apart of this life story! I am so grateful Axel gave me the opportunity to learn about his life.

My conversation with Axel was all about making a dream come true, and how to do it. In Axel’s case it was starting his own coffee bar. Starting with an experience in a book store, his dream began. I explore Axel’s life story with him, and how he came to be in love with Coffee. We learn about the steps he took to make it all come true. We learn about openness and speaking your dream aloud, and how this creates a positive chain reaction.

What I really loved about Axel’s story, is that his story showcases that with a clear vision in mind, everything is possible. Please enjoy this beautiful inspiring story with me, and learn how you too can make your dream come true, and if you already are, then come and enjoy the ride with Axel and I, in this wonderful conversation!!
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Documentary name : The Secret

3 comments on “Inspirational Interview | Axel van Kesteren | Life Story

  1. Niels van Kesteren says:

    Great interview! Whats the name of the documentary?

    1. Jen Rodd says:

      hey Niels!! Thank you 🙂 I am waiting for Axel to get back to me on this, will add it in shortly! the minute I have it I will post it on here and on my instagram page 😉

    2. Jen Rodd says:

      Hey Niels, the name of the documentary is “The Secret”. It’s not a new documentary, came out about 20 odd years ago. Still it is a goodie. Happy watching.

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