Inspirational Interview | Sarah Van De Poppe | Life Story

Sarah was born in Iraq, and in her early teens, she fled with her mom, her dad and two siblings, across the mountains and lands of Iraq. Through to Russia, and eventually they arrived in The Netherlands. Sarah had to quickly integrate, learn the language, study hard, and find her place in The Netherlands.

Now many years later, Sarah has a beautiful life which she has created for herself. Married to a Dutch man, a mother of four, she has two businesses – her own dental practice, Mondzorg Heemstede, and a new aerobics cinema gym,
Thanks to her parents and their bravery, here Sarah is, the master of her own destiny.

I asked Sarah to join me in the studio, because on the day I first came to her dental practice as a patient, I encountered an uncommon loving experience. We live in a society where everyone is too busy, always rushed and stressed. No one has time for fellow human beings. In this amazing story we learn about the beauty of human nature. We see how it brings people together. We learn about courage, determination and the strength of human beings.

Everyone who goes for their dreams, experiences difficulty at some point.
Being brave enough to make our dreams come true, is the first step. Accepting the challenges head on and still going for it, is another step. Not giving up, re-evaluating, and finding the secret ways when times are hard, is very important. Understanding that going for a dream – the dream itself is the love, and it connects us with ourselves – It’s this feeling which drives us. It’s the commitment and courage in the journey, to find out how to make it work.

In this stunning interview with Sarah, we learn about going for our goals, not letting the challenges hold us back, laughing out loud, looking at other ways to re-explore angles that aren’t working, and living life with an open heart, sharing our experiences, helping each-other, and multiplying the beauty of life.

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