Inspirational Interview | Ray Gibson | Life Story

Inspirational Interview with Ray Gibson, is a singer, a song writer, an artist, and an Entrepreneur. The first company he co-founded became listed on the stock exchange.
Ray is a devoted father and husband.
In this interview you can learn how Ray discovered that he has a voice that is stage worthy. What do you do with this natural talent? You can find out how he started and lost a company on the stock market. While at this intersection of his life, learn how Ray saved the mortgage by starting another business, simply by identifying a gap in the market.

This conversation portrays a zest for life’s offerings. It shows how being open to life’s unpredictable opportunities brings us closer to ourselves and discovering our truths.

When we do take the jump in business, or get up on stage to sing for ten thousand people? These are the moments that count!

This is a beautiful story of how a man has created a truly beautiful creative, loving and colourful life for himself and his family.

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