Inspirational Interview | Jorinde Kuiper | Life Story

Professional singer, dancer, performer and artist – on the verge of a new phase in life. What’s it going to take jo to get where and who she wants to be?

Jorinde Kuiper is a mom of three, a teenage daughter and two younger children. She stopped working after her two younger children were born so she could be there for the family, now she’s finding that she has to completely find herself again, as a professional, but as a completely new person, peeling away and cherry picking the layers which serve Jo, and letting the parts of her go which don’t serve her any more.

Jo is a Musician a dancer and an artist… find out in this conversation the hardships Jo has been through and how she uses her professional ballerina training as a tool for discipline to “sharpen the strings” again, to help her rediscover herself again. This is such an open, honest, real, raw conversation!! Jo leaves us with laughter, melody and three pieces of self discovered wisdom. When you hear her story, the importance of her wise words will make sense, feel your soul, and create a beautiful impact on your life…

I never know if any of my musical guests will sing for me in the studio and this beautiful sexy woman did… so tune in and hear her voice and listen openly to her journey!

It takes courage to be ourselves… and this young woman has it!

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